Find a more calm, happy and stable you.

With evidence-based methods and true care for your wellbeing.

Let’s get something clear first:
your disorder might be controlling you...

...but it's NOT you!

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When you are too tired to hang out with your friends...  

you are not a bad friend - your disorder is draining you.

A person who is looking in the mirror with a sad face

When you do not like what you see in the mirror...

you are not ugly - your disorder is making you think that.

A person who is not able to comfort their sad friend

When you are not there for your closest ones...

you are not selfish - you don’t have much to give when your disorder is taking so much from you.

I know the struggles...

I too have suffered with a mental disorder

and that’s why I decided to become a therapist.

So that, people would not need to suffer as I did.

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Receive insights about your problem

You will get a psychological assessment consisting of insights about your problem and how it is affecting you.

Work through your problems session after session

My clients on average need 8 sessions to make progress. Although, it is important to say that it is different for everyone.

Learn how to deal with emotional difficulties

My unique approach and true human care will support and boost your skills to get through your emotional problems.


Don't procrastinate therapy!

If you are feeling down, chances are that over time it is going to get even worse.

Just like with many minor physical illnesses,
if you won’t treat them, they can become very serious.

Even small improvements can cause a snowball effect and make your life vastly better over time.

Whether you want to become more calm, loving, energetic or anything else, book a session with me and we can work on it together.

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Illustration of a client


36 years old, from Denmark

I was struggling with my relationship - a constant fear of losing my partner, lots of anger and judgment. We almost broke up numerous times. It was unbearable. That is why I reached out to Camilo.

He has been incredibly caring and understanding and has provided me with great tools to embrace my own emotional world better.

Now my partner and I trust each other way more than before. We experience a lot less judgment. I am able to handle my own anger in a healthy way.

Illustration of a client

E. C. Mitru

25 years old, from Romania

I was happily surprised by Camilo’s ability to give me an accurate evaluation after just one session. It was like a breath of fresh air to openly admit what I’ve been fearing for a long time but had a hard time accepting. I valued his clear explanation of the attachment style theory, how comfortable the session was and how relieved I felt after speaking with him.

I’m now excited to integrate his advice into my day-to-day life. I definitely encourage you to have a session with Camilo if you’re looking for or are curious about therapy.

Illustration of a client

Anneliese Sabitzer

27 years old, from Australia

Camilo has a very attentive approach, he has a calming presence and doesn’t make assumptions.
He works with what you are comfortable with and creates a very supportive and safe environment.

I highly recommend giving Camilo a chance and yourself a chance to live a more meaningful life with his guidance.

Illustration of a client

Maria Soos

24 years old, from Hungary

I entered the interview knowing it’s not gonna be easy, but he explained every step thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable denying to answer, in case his questions made me uncomfortable, so I decided to open up as much as I could.

His analyses were surprisingly accurate, given the short time frame, and his explanations about the theoretical basis of his field made me feel relaxed during the evaluation.

Illustration of a client


30 years old, from China

It was nice to spend time talking about my issues with Camilo. He was concentrated during the therapy and tried his best to help me. On top of that he has also given professional opinions and suggestions for me to help my self in the daily base.
Thank you.

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